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Over the years to acknowledge the start of Mental Health Month we have hosted an expert panel-style event. This year we opened it up to the public because we think it's time for parents, teachers, and mental health experts to get together for a good, open chat to share how to make mental health a positive conversation with our kids.

Thank you to our incredible panelists Maggie Dent, Dr. Claire Kelly, and Prof. Caroline Donovan and everyone who joined us. 
We hope you got a lot out of it.

You can view it below:


Some resources the experts:


From Maggie Dent:

For those of you seeking support in resourcing yourself (or parents in your school community) with coping with the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, please take a look at Maggie's Positive Parenting in a Pandemic webinar.


Maggie would also like to share some key pandemic support resources for free with parents and teachers attending this Lift the Lid event. You can find those here


Here are some additional links to all Maggie's articles, videos and audios on:
Fear and Anxiety/Calming Children

Raising Adolescents

Raising Boys.














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Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 8.55.08 PM.png

To celebrate 40 years of Australian Rotary Health and HAT DAY 2021 we hosted a webinar with some of our funded experts to talk about the importance of mental health and our youth. The discussion that took place is another incredible resource for Australian parents.

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